5 Top Trending Ugandan Songs Released in September 2021 [Videos]

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By Gloria

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September 2021 has been an active month in Uganda musically. Most artists either dropped a new single or featured in a collabo. In this article, we review some of the best songs released in Uganda in September 2021:

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Nsimbi (G.N.L Zamba & Tamar) - Mbaga

G.N.L Zamba and his wife Miriam Tamar released 'Mbaga' in September 2021. In 'Mbaga' (translated from Luganda to mean 'Wedding'), the couple promise to love each other for eternity.


Tupaate Remix - Pia Pounds Ft. Eddy Kenzo and Mc Africa

Pia Pounds tapped award-winning musician Eddy Kenzo and MC Africa on the remix of her trending jam titled 'Tupaate'.
'Tupaate' (loosely translated to mean 'Let's Party') dropped nine months ago and did not receive much airplay until MC Africa recorded himself jamming to the video.


Martha Mukisa - Nkulinze

'Nkulinze' is one of the most played songs in the country at the moment. In the song, Martha tells a story of a young couple that has grown up together, survived hardships and is ready to make it official. "There are those times when you need affirmations; someone to come out of their shell and maybe propose and take your love to the next level. So you let them know how much you are waiting for them," Martha Mukisa said as the song premiered on radio.


Lydia Jazmine - Kapeesa

In 'Kapeesa' (loosely translated from Luganda to mean 'A Button'), Lydia Jazmine appreciates her man and singles out the little things he does that makes her happy.

'Kapeesa' is an ideal song to dedicate that special person who drives you crazy because the lyrics are soothing and full of assurance. Lydia Jazmine uses her sweet voice to bring out the romance in the song.


Nince Henry -Tobawako

In 'Tobawako' (loosely translated to Luganda to mean 'Don't Give Them Time'), Nince Henry begs his woman never to pay attention to critics who are doing all it takes to break them apart. Nince Henry penned the lyrics while the audio was produced by Nessim Pan Production.


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