Jay Rox ‘Commotion’ ft. Slapdee : New Music Zambia [Official Video]

[Image Source: ZedJams]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Zambian musician Jay Rox has dropped a new song dubbed ‘Commotion’ featuring Slapdee.

If you need some encouragement in life after going through a rough patch in life, ‘Commotion’ should fix you up. Or, if you have those moments of self-doubt and you are wondering if you will make it, draw some inspiration from ‘Commotion’.

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Jay Rox goes hard on his lyrics, and you can’t help but notice his rhyming mastery throughout the song. It is something he has crafted and is evident in many of his songs.

On his part, Slapdee tells off naysayers and critics who question people’s decisions without knowledge of what they have been through or what they are going through.

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As the verses come down hard, the beats are smooth to enchant the audience to the fine and laidback tune.

A section of fans now say the kind of musical hunger by Jay Rox is what is elevating Zed Hip-hop.

“It's like Jay Rox is ever hungry, you can tell by his consistency...Zed artists really need to step up, it's like the guy has no competition..this is a soul soothing jam, I've non but appreciation for you guys,” John Chiwila said.

John Mapoma said ‘Commotion’ speaks of maturity in the Hip-hop industry.

“Our Artists are operating on a different level if you listen to the way they sing now you can hear a lot of maturity just amazing,” Mapoma opined.


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