Singer D-Lon Da Nice makes music comeback in new track "Good Vibes"

[Image Source:  Instagram]

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Singer D-Lon da Nice is back. He was away for a period, dedicating himself to his professional career, now he is back to investing in music. The single "Good Vibes" shows something that has not changed in the artist, his flow. In addition to singing his own songs, D-Lon is in the habit of using his experiences to compose.

In "Good Vibes", D-Lon states: "This new sound, represents for me a cry for Freedom, which many of us surely already want to give. Today many of us think we are not enough, we don't value ourselves enough, we always think that the other is better, the other does it better, the other has more and better. But this reality is a reality that we create in our own heads, because the best of us is in ourselves and we don't need to show this to the world, we need to be original, to be owners of what identifies us most, in search of something very precious that is one and only one thing: ABSOLUTE HAPPINESS.

The singer is perhaps referring to the time of 'dense clouds' that plague the daily lives of many of us, thinking that someone else's life is always better than ours. "Beloved followers and admirers, from today I want you all to fall in love with your lives because every day we are alive, is special." concluded the artist.

The song was originally released on TV Miramar's television show, Belas Manhãs, last September 13, and hit the digital platforms this Friday (17). In a more melodic and confident format, the song also features the vocals of Nelson Nhachungue, who was responsible for the chorus.

The producer of the new work, Ellputo, defines the work as a masterpiece, with a mixture of classic rap and modern rap.

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