NEW VIDEO: Stirring Debut Video From New Age Singer, Jaya

It always excites me whenever a new artist approaches the industry with much zeal and devotion; it really says a lot about their goals and female singer Jaya, is one of these people who have me tumultous this year. She launched her new single ‘Wewe Ndiwe’ (You Are The One), this past Friday and to the surprise of many, she quickly followed it with a video which she describes as  “something new and authentic to offer the world.” 

The African themed video and song is a tribute to all fathers, and inspired by relationships between fathers and their children. “The song celebrates fathers present and active in their children’s lives in an era of absent fathers, abusive fathers, destructive fathers, lost fathers and passive fathers.” she spoke further.

Get to watch the video directed by J. Blessing below and experience the new age of good music this songbird wishes to introduce the the world to.




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