Kabako asks Ugandan Government to create an Entertainment Industry

[Photo: Kabako Instagram]

By Gloria

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Ugandan artist Kabako has asked the government to create an entertainment ministry that will take care of the welfare of all artists in Uganda.

The Ugandan music industry is one of the sectors that generate a huge sum of money towards the economy but despite its enormous contributions, the creative industry remains unstructured with a lot of challenges.

This has forced Ugandan artists through different associations to always run to Gen. Saleh for financial bailouts especially during this pandemic and Kabako thinks they do this because they have not been given enough attention as artists.

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"We have never had a person or even the Ministry of Gender giving us attention. We need a common voice rather than going to General Saleh." He spoke to Spark TV

Among the bodies responsible for artists' issues include the Ministry Of Gender, Uganda National Cultural Centre among others which handle other activities in Uganda. Kabako thinks artists should be allocated a full ministry to manage and handle their issues.

"We don't have a ministry but the person we are running to, is an army man who might not even have any slight knowledge about music. He is not the person we are supposed to talk to but because we don't have a ministry," he stated.

"The music business is among the industries that have supported this country. When you open it right now, many people will have their jobs back. We just want to get someone to listen to us. We wouldn't be traveling to his place" He said. 


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