Navio '30 Seconds To Hollywood': New Music Uganda [Official Video]

[Photo: Navio Instagram]

By Gloria

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Celebrated Ugandan rapper Navio has released a brand new jam titled '30 seconds To Hollywood' documenting most of his success and huge milestones he has attained in the music industry.

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According to Navio, the beat was done as part of a 10 minute chords jam session on Samurae’s phone and a collection of 20 and 30 second freestyles from Navio.

The video was shot by Jonny Vollstrom in Sweden and recut by Duncan Dunnyyd with graphics. He incorporates unique animated video scenes, also used by top American artists all over the world like Kanye West.

"Every artist seems one step away from their dreams, a few songs away from fame and “30 seconds from Hollywood’s” glitz and glamour... this video is a simplistic musical marvel." Navio said.

Navio's whole squad; the likes of The Mith and makes an appearance in the video which gives the fans a behind the scenes look at their urban lifestyle.

 “30 Seconds To Hollywood” comes off Navio's recent album dubbed Strength In Numbers that dropped mid last year.

In an industry where releasing music is risky and costly, Navio has used the time to touch base with the Hip Hop roots that he began with. This song puts Navio and Samurae at another level as far as artistry is concerned.

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