Radio & Weasel 'Bwekiri' : New Music Uganda [Official Video]

[Photo: Weasel  Instagram]

By Gloria

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Celebrated Ugandan artist Weasel Manizzo of the Goodlyfe Crew has finally released the much-anticipated hit single titled 'Bwekiri' after months of promotion.

In 'Bwekiri' (loosely translated from Luganda to mean ``It Is What It Is), Weasel Manizzo is full of gratitude to his woman for loving him amidst all circumstances. In every situation, this lady has stood by Weasel unconditionally and it is only right for him to appreciate her in this jam.

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The audio was produced by Artin Pro and the video was shot and directed by fast-rising videographer Aaronaire On Set. Weasel appears dressed in all white on a picnic set as he showers his vixen with love.

In 'Bwekiri', Weasel Manizzo doesn't lose the dancehall vibe as he makes it clear that he is a veteran in this genre. He uses simple but well-crafted Luganda lyrics as he gives us this masterpiece that is consumable by all age groups.

'Bwekiri' is Weasel Manizzo's second single in a space of four months. He has been actively doing collaborations with budding artists with an aim of helping them break through the competitive Ugandan music scene.

This move didn't sit well with some of his fans who felt that Weasel is making himself too available, a move that could devalue his brand.

Responding to them, Weasel noted that he agrees overdoing collaborators could devalue him, but questioned who would help upcoming artists if he does not do it.

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