Free Download: Top 5 Mugithi Mixes on Mdundo

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By Lydia M Joshua

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Mugithi music is one of the most celebrated genres in Kenya today.  The genre which originates from the Agikuyu community has managed to grow to the mainstream level where it is enjoyed by many local and international fans as well.

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The artists in the genre enjoy having a dedicated fanbase that supports their work by purchasing their music and attending local shows.

Apart from purchasing their music and attending shows, fans also show love by attending all the sold-out Mugithi Night Festivals, which have become one of the biggest events in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

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This article reviews top Mugithi mixes that you can stream and download for free on Mdundo.

Mugithi Mix 20

This mix has groovy Mugithi songs featuring celebrated Kikuyu artists, who deliver well-paced performances. The top artists featured in this mix include; Salim Young, Ken Wa Maria, Samidoh, and Kareh B.

Mugithi Night Vol.12

This mix features vocally gifted vocalists who deliver emotive songs from the Kings and Queens of Mugithi that you can enjoy with friends and family. The top artists featured include; Kamaru, Kamande wa Kioi, Jose Gatutura, Samidoh, Joyce wa Mama and Shiru wa GP.

Mugithi Mix 7

This mix has well-paced Mugithi songs, which are performed by renowned Kikuyu artists.

The top artists featured include; Samidoh, Kioi Junior, Baby Sitter, and Muriuki.

Mugithi Mix 10

This mix has upbeat Mugithi songs, which are perfect for dancing with friends and family.

As a cherry on the top, the mix features celebrated Kikuyu artists including; Jose Kariuki, Kiarutara, and Reke Turimwo.

Mugithi Mix 12

This mix has upbeat Mugithi songs that will ensure that you rise from your seat and dance from the beginning to the end.

Targeting fans of celebrated Kenyan artist Joseph Kariuki, this well-curated mix features most of his biggest hits including other songs from Kiarutura and veteran Kikuyu artist Kamaru.

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