Macky 2 ‘Mwabombeni’: New Music Zambia [Official Video]

[Photo Credit: Macky 2 Instagram]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Celebrated Zambian musician Macky 2 has dropped a new jam dubbed ‘Mwabombeni’ appreciating his parents for the sacrifices they’ve made for him to become who he is today.

According to Macky 2, hard lessons in life make people appreciate their parents’ efforts. He gives examples of when one starts life fresh from college and things get thick.

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 “You can't empathize until you put yourself in your parents' shoes. Not everyone is built to empathize with others until certain life moments make them. The very first time you'll miss your parents is when you start living in the dorms ku college away from home. Still you'll ask for money and food without understanding how hard they have to work to support you,” he captioned the song on his YouTube page.

“You'll only truly feel grateful every time you have to pay for your bills, rent and food. If you lose your job and can't make payments anymore, you'll turn to your parents for help but with guilt for the first time because you'll feel you let them down,” he added.

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‘Mwabombeni’ has been received well with fans praising Macky 2 for releasing highly relatable music.

Noah Kalinda said: “It is a powerful song, parents ought to be appreciated, God bless everyone else who respects and dearly appreciate their guardians and parents who saw them through to the time of their success.”

Bobby Caster noted that: “This is amazing Macky2 , this song means a lot to our Zambian parents , coz without their efforts , others we couldn't reach where we are…Continue putting good meaningful songs , you're still on the top of Zambia music industry , no one can defeat you.” (Sic).

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