Madaraka Day: ‘Tushangilie Kenya’ and Other Classics You Should Listen to

[Photo: Parents Magazine]

By Lydia M Joshua

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Every year on first June we celebrate Madaraka Day, which is the day Kenya attained internal self-rule after being a British colony since 1920. Throughout the years, renowned Kenyan artists have released classical Kenyan music which reinforces patriotism amongst netizens. These songs include, ‘Wimbo wa Historia’, ‘Tushangilie Kenya’ among many other songs.

This article reviews some of the classical jams to listen to as we celebrate Madaraka Day.

Tushangilie Kenya - Mwalimu Thomas Wasonga

‘Tushangilie Kenya’ by Mwalimu Thomas Wasonga is a patriotic song for the people of Kenya urging them to maintain peace. The upbeat song is a beloved hit for many people, as it reinforces patriotism and unity among netizens.

Wimbo wa Historia - Enock Ondego

‘Wimbo Wa Historia’ is a classic which was composed by Enock Ondego, who was a primary school teacher at Samburu Primary School in the late 1960s. The historical song details the arrest and detention of freedom fighters as well as Jomo Kenyatta’s tribulations in his fight for Kenya’s independence. The song which was composed in honor of the late President Kenyatta after he passed away in 1978, was adopted as the official song for Kenyatta Day which was later renamed Mashujaa Day.

Kenya Nchi Yangu - KaiKai Kilonzo

‘Kenya Nchi Yangu’ is a patriotic song which was penned down by renowned late Kamba artist KaiKai Kilonzo. In the song, KaiKai equates Kenya to be his mother and father as he vows to live in Kenya forever. In addition to celebrating Kenya, Kaikai also called out the hypocrites who try to destroy Kenya with their evilness.

Daima - Eric Wainaina

Veteran Kenyan artist Eric Wainaina is arguably one of the most seasoned artists of our generation. The seasoned artist has penned many patriotic songs including ‘Twende Twende’ and ‘Daima’. The visuals feature him amongst children as they sing about their love for Kenya. The song also touches on the sacrifice undertaken by freedom fighters to free our country from colonizers.

Mungu Baba - Rufftone and The GSU

‘Mungu Baba’ is a classic song which was released in early 2013 by Rufftone in collaboration with the GSU. The song was a prayer for the 2013 electioneering period following the tribal clashes that took place in 2007 post-election violence. The song was later adopted for national holiday celebrations as it fosters unity among all Kenyans.

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