Wahu, Nameless Open Up on How They Met and Who Made the First Move [Video]

[Photo: Wahu Instagram]

By Lydia M Joshua

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Veteran Kenyan celebrity couple Wahu and Nameless have opened up on how they met and also revealed who made the first move. Opening up about the journey in the first episode of their new docu-series dubbed ‘This Love’ the two expounded on how they got to be at the right place at the right time.

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“I was going to, it was called Grand Regency then, Pete Odera whom I was doing back vocals for was performing,” Wahu said.

On his part Nameless was tipped about the event by a friend who knew he loved to rap, so he showed up to perform.

Painting a picture of the first impression she had of Nameless, Wahu described his simple attire to the event, which made her wonder whether he was going to perform on stage.

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“I remember my first impression of him, he was wearing a brown, small leather jacket, kadogo, sandals, jeans na I think kakofia nashindwa huyu msee anaingia stage kweli,” she said.

Describing their first meeting, Nameless expounded on how Wahu made the first move, after the performance by tapping his shoulders and congratulating him for a cool show, even though it wasn’t.

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“Najua nakaa vibaya, nakaa tu hivi cord ya mic imeanguka, naskia tu I hated that show, nikatoka, nikaenda kwa audience kukaa, at that point niliskia tu mtu amenitap, nikacheki, naona nikarembo hivi, ananiambia, yoh that was a cool performance, am like no, akaniambia it was good, nikasema okay sawa tukaanza kuongea, akaniambia anaitwa Wahu,” Nameless remembered.

The positive affirmations on his performance made him like Wahu, and also worked as a catalyst for them to start conversing.

“Alikuwa na nywele fupi alafu ameeka Gel inakaa inashine ya black, alafu ananiambia show yangu imekuwa poa hata ka najua ilikuwa mbaya, nikamlike tu hapo, So from there tukaanza kuongea kimchezo,”he explained.

Their conversations had good flow and energy, which worked in their favor at the start of knowing each other.

“And we just lit, like we were flowing, I had never flowed like that with a guy, like nacheka unanichekesha, am like Oh My God energy is just bouncing back and forth nicely, I was like I love it,” she reminisced.


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