VIDEO REVIEW: Your Two Cents On Wakimbizi's 'Hallo Hallo'

What good is a message when there’s no one to receive it? What good are words when there’s no one to hear or read them and what good I a voice when there’s no one to listen? It is for this reason we let the voice, words and message of the people be known to all whenever an artist releases something new. And for this segment we will look at veteran music group, Wakimbizi's new video ‘Hello Hello’ aka 'Uko Wapi'. How do the masses receive it?

“The video is a masterpiece I must say! Ricky Bekko has set standards which most directors will have  a hard time trying to reach. The simplistic nature of the video shows that you don’t need much set up for a video, but just exceptional knowledge in the field. Wakimbizi and Jamila remind us what Kenyan music sounds like. I love it” spoke a fan

“Did anyone understand the message of this song? It’s quite deep. It highlights the matter of communication/miscommunication in relationships and what failure in that field can lead to. Jamila paints a beautiful picture with her voice as Wakimbizi mix things up with their rap. Good piece” stated a music enthusiast

“Is it just me or does Wakimbizi sound drained in this song? I get the mood of the song was meant to be mild, but that doesn’t mean they rap like they were hiking with camels on their back! They sound really bored and tired on this song. Thank the heavens for Jamila!” quickly added another

Only a week old, the video has gathered over a thousand views on YouTube and the number grows by the day. Watch the video and share your sentiments in the comment box below.

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