Weasel Hits Out at Ugandans Despising Pallaso’s Music Career

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By Gloria

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Renowned musician Weasel Manizzo has taken issue with Ugandans despising his brother Pallaso, noting that the latter is a star and should not be taken for granted.

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Speaking during a recent interview, Weasel noted that Pallaso has done a great job in representing the Mayanja family, and ought to be respected across the country.

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"Pallaso, I want to congratulate you on your huge success and thank you for showing everyone else that the Mayanjas are not small people you can joke with. Very many people used to despise him, abuse him some time back and had a lot to say about his music; the same way they used to insult me. But I want to encourage him to continue doing what he does," Weasel told NBS TV.

"I condemn every single person who despises Pallaso, plus the young upcoming artists because we have all ever struggled in life," he added.

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Weasel also took issue with 'Yolesa Ekitone' (Showcase Your Talent) judge Alex Mukulu; who chased away a group of youngsters 'The Real Dance Crew' from the competition noting that they were stinking.

Meanwhile, Pallaso is currently one of the top trending artists in the country thanks to his consistent release of high quality music.

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Over the past few months, he has dropped several hits namely; Malamu, Ani Oyo, What is Money and Nalonda Nemala which enjoy massive airplay across different media outlets.

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