Mejja dedicates his new tune to Kenyans

Memme Hadija popularly known by fans as Mejja has released a new song titled ‘Mitoke’ featuring Genge RnB king Ala-C.

The artist who is one leading acts in Genge music and famously known for comical interpretations of his songs in music videos, released the song earlier on today and as he explained it’s a song to make people feel good and just relax.

“The song is done in Kao and Kyuk and basically it talks about what we are going through as a country; The Westgate attack, the economy, politics and it’s just asking guys to let loose and enjoy each day as it comes. Just enjoy life,” He told Mdundo.

‘Mitoke’ is another catchy one from Mejja and the word means ‘hurry up’ in Akamba dialect.

Still riding fast with ‘Twenzetu’ this new one is set to be another hit fans will be jamming to.

Download the song for free via the link tagged below.

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