Xaven Opens up on the Origin of Her ‘Kopala Queen’ Tag

[Photo Credit: Xaven Instagram]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Zambian songstress Xaven popularly known as Kopala Queen has opened up on the origin of the name noting that it was branded on her by people and she took it up warm heartedly.

“I was recording this one time and I need something to just hype me up when going in the verse…I said the Kopala Queen and that pretty much was how the name came up,” she told ZMB Talks.

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Her real name is Rachel but she chose Xaven to personify high attitude which is what gives her confidence.

Xaven is currently riding high with her new song “Undisputed” produced by Nexus Music Entertainment.

Xaven says she always wants to do music that people can relate to because this is what her legacy as a musician will be about when she hangs her musical boots.

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“You should be so firm at what you do and in terms of rap, - to make sure every time I rap it relatable. I don’t want to be a rapper that says things without. I want to be relatable. I wanna be somebody that when people listen to they are like, okey, this is what she means,” she advised.

Xaven is currently pursuing a Marketing degree fully sponsored by Nexus Music Entertainment.

Xaven’s passion for music stared way back in high school and her dad persuaded her to complete her studies first and venture into music.

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