MT7 Claims he Disciplined DJ Cent for Miss Behaving

The South Sudanese Dancehall star MT7 Claims he never beat up DJ Cent as they said because of his mama Baby juna Da Diva but he was trying to discipline him by showing him how to stay in public especially when the seniors or Elders in the music industry are around. MT7 who went live on facebook video also said his family is not part or cause of what transpired between him and DJ Cent and father strengthened let his family not be included in such matters.The self proclaim King said he is a father to four children including a daughter with singer Juna Da Diva and have respect for his family as the head and a man. In the other side juna Da Diva went head and posted in her facebook page that MT7 is not the father of her Baby as claimed, thought in some years back the two have been living together as hasband and wife before seperating.

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