All Time Top Music Legends in Ghana

Image source:Ghana Afro Charts

By Naliaka Kitui

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This being the Ghana month, it can be said that Ghana’s music industry has undergone many stages with contributions by the Ghanaians celebrate this month, they remember the lyrics of their legends that often-revealed important messages and stories passed down through elders.
It can be strongly recalled that those were days when music had the power to deliver wisdom, social commentary and effect change

1. Osibisa
Osibisa band was originally founded in London in 1969 by four Ghanaian expatriates and three Caribbean musicians. Their songs have been documented with many songs including; ‘Welcome Home’, coffee song, Woyaayaa, sunshine Day, warrior Song, Pata Pata among others.

2. Amakye Dede
Abrantie Amakye Dede started his music career in 1973 with Kumapin Royals that was led by Akwasi Ampofo Gyei. He returned from Nigeria and dominated the highlife scene in the 1980s and 90s.his hits since then include; Bebrebe Yi, Iron Boy, Odo Da Baabi, Nyame etc.

3. CK Mann
The late C.K. Mann was the pioneer of Fante highlife music. He led the famous band called ‘Carousel 7’ band

4. Ebo Tyler
He is one of the highlife musicians who marketed Ghana music world wide in 1960s.Being a producer, arranger, guitarist, composer and bandleader, Taylor mastered in highlife and afrobeat music and also had a collaboration with Nigeria’s Fela Kuti in 1962.

5. E.T. Mensah
Late E.T. Mensah is regarded as the ‘King Highlife’ this is due to the fact that he popularized the genre in the 1950 and 60s.His hit songs titled ‘All for You’ and ‘Ghana Freedom’ are still famous to this date.

6. J.A Adofo
Adofo became famous when he was still young as a lotto staker . his hits include; ‘’Ankwanobi, Yaa Boatemaa, Owuo mpaso, which are popular and are all-time favorites for many Ghanaians

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