Harmonize Explains Why Bongo Music Is 'Struggling' Internationally

Music in Africa

By Paul Amisi

Konde Worldwide boss Harmonize has explained why the bongo music scene is yet to break global ranks.

Speaking to NME, Harmonize noted that, unlike Nigerian counterparts, bongo musicians are hampered by language.

He notes that although bongo music has some of the best melodies, it is time for musicians to switch up and adapt to a global language.

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“I think bongo flava is afrobeats, but the hardest thing for people to accept is the way we’re singing in our language, which is Swahili. I believe that might make it a bit harder to connect to the music because of it. But that’s going to change because we have a nice sound and nice melodies. There’s a message in it. I actually want to start using more music so the world can understand and fall in love with bongo flava,” said Harmonize.

At the same time, Harmonize hailed African music as special, noting that the Afrobeat genre is offering a base for all releases.

“Our music is special. All African music is, but afrobeats is something bigger than just where it is. If you put chicken in a burger, it’s a chicken burger. If you put beef in a burger, it’s a beef burger. All music from Africa is afrobeats. It just depends what country or area you’re focusing on,” he added.

Harmonize said he is working to ensure the music scales to global heights.

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