There's No Retirement Age in Music - Iryn Namubiru

By Gloria

Ugandan female artist Iryn Namubiru has come out to silence critics who claim she is old enough to still be doing music and rubbing shoulders with the young talent.

The 39 year old vocalist broke onto the music scene in 1995 and has been soaring high with her career. She has never laid back in releasing music and to people who think she should be laying low, Iryn Namubiru has revealed that there is no retirement age in music.

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"No one decides my limit because you neither know my talent nor capability. There is no retirement age in music. You sing for as long as you can or wish. Besides no one ever tells us when to stop because in the first place no person told me to start music. All this depends on one's ability and how far you can go." Iryn Namubiru told Spark TV.

Young artists always look forward to getting advice from already established artists and Iryn Namubiru is gladly willing to always help them.

"Anytime they can consult me on what to do because we all have some strengths somewhere so I don't have any problems with that. I don't need to first retire for people to reach out to me because music has no specific retirement age. It still goes on." Iryn Namubiru said.

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