The Ganji Series Episode 4: King Kaka Drops New ‘Ganji ya Church’ Video


By Lydia Joshua

Celebrated Kenyan artist King Kaka has released a new episode in his latest Ganji series dubbed ‘Ganji ya Church’.

In the 7 part Ganji series, King Kaka touches on the issues affecting the African Youth .

Ganji is a sheng word that means money.
‘Ganji ya church’ is addressed from the point of view of youth who is frustrated by the current church system which has created wealthy men of God and a poor congregation.

‘Ganji ya Church’ evokes the believers to rethink and question some taboo topics in the church like why most pastors are getting wealthy and the poor congregation continues to get poor.

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Meanwhile, King Kaka’s other three episodes of the Ganji series are still doing well on YouTube.

The first episode in this series which is dubbed ‘Ganji’ is sung from the perspective of two graduates; one graduate who was recently employed and the other one who is a thug due to lack of employment.

The second episode ‘Tunajua Ganji’ addressing the atrocities of the political class. The song is rapped from the perspective of two youths posing as thieves who have decided to stop a political leader in their area and get answers as to why there are no jobs which he promised them during the campaign period.
The third episode ‘Ganji ya Love’ which was released a few days ago addresses the negative effects of mismanagement or lack of money on a long-term relationship.

All the episodes in the Ganji series have been stirring online conversations on different social media platforms, which shows the impact that 'The Ganji series' has on people'.

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