NEW MUSIC: Kayvo Kforce Spells Out His Feelings In New Song

As much as different artists can approach rap from different angles and still get the desired results, there is indeed a system to follow; the same system that has made some, rap legends and others an evanesce. Giving anything a bit of your heart is one sure way that that thing will live and in this case, none does it better that rapper Kayvo Kforce whenever he breathes into the microphone. His new song ‘She Don’t’ featuring Eli Sketch is one of these ‘in the flesh’ projects which Kayvo Kforce gladly expounds on:

“You see, when you’re in a relationship, you’ll find that sometimes your girl doesn’t get your point of view when it comes to a lot of matters. Especially when it comes to your job: why you’re working late, why you have to travel somewhere for an amount of time and such. And it’s not only the ladies who do this. Other guys too have a misconception of what ones hustles entail. So ‘She Don’t’ is a conscious piece I made to address such matters”

“Pretty deep”, you say? No, it’s deep enough if you ask me and the duo of Kforce and Eli Sketch deliver it just perfect! Here’s another thing, the beat and melody of the song is so subtle and relaxed that it caters for all those who say ‘I don’t do this genre’. Lyrics? Easy and straight to the point with a chorus that will have you singing along to in just the first listening; an easy song for a complicated situation.

Get the complimentary download of the song ‘She don’t' below and get that freefall hip hop feel this Tuesday!   

Kayvo Kforce - She Don't FREE DOWNLOAD


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