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NAME: Jack Chikuru
INSTRUMENTS: Drums, bass guitar, Piano and percussion
Ps.Jackes is a Kenyan based gospel artist having started his music in his hometown Kivu, DRC and later moving to Kenya since 1997. He is gradually
elevating his Swahili Gospel tunes on Kenyan, Congolese
and Tanzanian airwaves with his Rhumba, Seben, RNB and Lingala genres. He highlights to us his Music journey;
"I started music at the age of 5 years back in my home town
Kivu, Congo. Since I was raised in a Christian family;
church was the best place to be in my childhood. I
developed interest in music through the church choir in our
home area which was very active. As time flew by I started
playing drums for our choir who embraced my contribution and skills
a lot. At the age of 16 years, I developed special interest in
guitar of which I started learning on how to play guitar and
alas! I was at it.
Besides my academics, I found it relevant for me to enroll in a music school where I grew my skills in playing piano,
drum set, guitar and percussions. I also underwent some
vocal training and this graduated me to a fully trained
music professional.
Moving To Nairobi
My life became music and I henceforth associated myself
with music bands after moving to Nairobi in the year 1997.
In 2003 I joined the then famous Super Mazembe together
with my friends and the Late Kasongo Wa Kanema where we had great secular with the Band called Super Mazembe in Nairobi
performances before I left the band and joined Tas Bolingo
Band as a drumist in 2003. During this time I was
performing in both clubs and churches. We played in many
clubs like Simmers, Club Africa, Deep west and many other clubs
in Nairobi,Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru.
My Salvation
It was until October 2005 when I decided to stop the double
standards living and gave my life to Jesus Christ. This was quite
a decision to make minding all the friends I had made in
the secular world. I started composing and recording songs
that would help me move closer to God. My life took completely a new turn since I got saved.
My Ministry in Europe
I moved to Tel Aviv Israel in the year 2007 where I started a gospel band called Bilaka Musica Band and we would perform in several churches in Tel Aviv before relocating to Norway where I continue to record my music as a solo artist. I find myself at peace representing Christ and
spreading the word of God through songs. My music has been received well and it has blessed, given hope and delivered the message to many. I have the ability to play and sing all genres of music as long as it is for Christ.
My Inspiration
I get inspired a lot by Michael W. Smith, Don Moen and they remain a great blessing in my ministry and singing.
Ps.jackes- Focusing on..
I have managed to record 7 albums titled; Mighty
God, Sifa Mbinguni, Simama and the latest Amani Africa.
Ni fanane na wewe, Be glorified, Hold my Hands
Current Projects
Currently I am working on videos for my new album titled Amani Africa. I am working with labels TFM in Norway, Wannas Cloud in Europe and Reyo Films International in Kenya. The video shoot is happening in several countries around Europe and according to the producer, the video should be released soon.
This Album is a dedication to my land African with most songs done in Swahili and English with some nice Rhumba, Lingala and RNB styles. Watch out for this album Amani Africa because it's going to minister to the hearts of many.

If asked the gospel artists I would love to work with, I would easily pick on Michael W. Smith,Don Moen, Travis Green ,Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Todd Dulaney, Bugembe from Uganda, , Moise Mbiye, Mike Kalambayi Uche Aguh , and our very own Frere Patrice.
I am currently having performances in UK, France, Denmark, Sweden and Brussels.Paris Soon we are planning on a great show in Kenya.
Ps.Jackes 2nd From Right..
In 2008, I was awarded The Best Drumist at the African Festival Awards in Tel Aviv Israel. I have also performed severally on many Celebration Gospel.

I am Thankful to God for since I gave my life to Him, He has been faithful and I will Serve Him all through my life"

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Ps.Jackes is currently currently out of the country as he is frequently touring major cities around the world spreading the Gospel with His Music Band.

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