PLAYLIST UPDATE: Odinareh Bingwa And Poppa Don In Tunazidi Kuwa

Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t know. That’s the most interesting thing about humanity, and why I take a lot of interest in collaborations! Different minds come together, glued by a single song and what they give birth to is eerie! So is what Coast based rapper, Odinareh Bingwa and the multilingual flow majesty Poppa Don have done.

The duo have just interfaced on a new track ‘Tunazidi Kuwa’,  which has already debuted in four different stations establishing a spot as one of the hottest tracks out right now! This is a high energy multilingual treat from both these artists, with the aim of bridging Mombasa & Kisumu in a cultural exchange theme.

The team up wasted no single sand grain in the hour glass, as they began working on the video right after the single dropped!  And Mdundo like always, is more than happy to give you a glimpse into what ‘Tunazidi Kuwa’ will look like:

 Odinareh Bingwa - Tunazidi Kuwa FREE DOWNLOAD

Odinareh Bingwa and Poppa Don



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