Bobi Wine Inspires Me, His Cause is Evident – Aziz Azion

[Photo Credit: Tabzku Camera]

By Gloria

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Ugandan musician Aziz Azion has expressed his support for Bobi Wine, noting that the former Presidential candidate inspires him.

According to Aziz Azion, Bobi Wine’s political ambitions and decision to run for presidency represent the will of the common people.

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“The reason as to why I post my friend Bobi Wine is because his cause is evident, even to a young kid. That is why I even follow each and everything he posts, meaning I support his intentions, just like any average person. He inspires me,” he told Spark TV.

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Aziz Azion believes Bobi Wine is one of the few leaders who have impacted both Uganda’s music and political sphere.

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Ever since Bobi Wine made his way to the Ugandan Parliament as the Kyandondo East legislator, he has inspired several Ugandan artistes to take up political positions.

While Aziz Azion applauded his fellow artists for taking the stand in participating in politics, he noted that he doesn't have any desire to contest for a political position.

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