Worst Sickness Ever!!! Rudeboy On Covid19

Photo: Rudeboy Instagram

By Kenneth Kiplagat

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Nigerian singer, songwriter, dancer and performer, Paul Okoye, also known by his stage name RudeBoy has recovered from Covid-19 after 11 days of dealing with the crude effects of the virus.
Taking to his Instagram page, Rudeboy warned that in fact the virus is real as people slack on oserving the rules as set by the various departments of Health. He said,
“Happy new year all ?? 2021 pls don’t overhype it oh abeg… just take it easy as it comes. na over hype spoil 2020 I’m better, stronger, tested negative after 11days ???,”

The singer had initially announced that he had contacted the virus. He shared his gruesome experience while warning Nigerians who still wallow in disbelief. In an earlier post, Rude boy penned his heart out by saying,

“ATTENTION!!! F*ck it !!! Covid is REAL !!! I know as typical Nigerian or African is very hard to believe. some will say “experience is the best teacher oh well , the experience and the teacher has visited me and they’ve been dealing with me for more than 10days now sh*t is not funny ... worst sickness ever!!! ... y’all better be careful out there if you like believe me , if you like don’t believe me you can as well wait for your own experience by playing ignorance Good luck God help us all"

Paul Okoye was formerly in a group with his twin brother Peter Okoye, aka Mr. P, and together were known as P-Square before they decided to call it quits and decided to pursue their individual solo careers.
Here is his latest video with Yemi Alade


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