EVENTS: Make This Weekend Memorable With These Events

Whenever I picture Thursday, I see it in Santa Clause kind of uniform; red with a hint of white with a bag of delights on its back. For the simple fact that no one actually ever sees it coming and it comes bearing presents in the form of a weekend. Relatively, this Thursday has one enormous bag of treats. This weekend is going to be a busy one no doubt!

Below are the music events that should be your top priority and the sole reason you should dress up:

1. Thursday Nite Live featuring Fil-ah at Choices  Pub and Restaurant whats-on/thursday-nite-live- featuring-fil-ah

2.The African Dance Party With Wizkid at the Carnivore Grounds 

3. Eric Wainana Live at the Elephant month/

4. Mashujaa Pool Party whats-on/mashujaa-pool-party

5. Thursday Nite Live featuring Amani at Choices Pub and Restauranthttp://www. amani

6. Sifa Night With Kijani Kibichi Band  At Mama Ngina, Shanzu

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