NEW MUSIC: Possibly The Biggest Song In Tanzania Right Now!

They said they were going to do it, now, they have lived up to their words. Who? They are what I currently refer to as ‘the Four Horsemen”; Hip hop’s finest Nikki Mbishi, Songa and One The Incredible alongside the lady with the silky voice, Lady Jaydee. They shed light on an upcoming single last week and now you will behold magnificence itself!

Chrsitened ‘Kupanda Na Kushuka’, this song is the a blend of talent, skill and brains which gives you a juice you cannot simply resist! This song proves that a good song takes presendence over genre preference; as much as this is a hip hop single, any person can enjoy it.

 Nikki MbishiSonga and One The Incredible deliver lyricism wrapped in a bow and ribbon; so thoroughly done yet so effortlessly! Line after line, the bars morph from words to metaphors then to skillful word play. Swahili simply never sounded this good on a rap song.

Lady Jaydee then comes in and pick up the entire energy surrounding each and everyone’s verse and cushions it with her appeasing voice. The chorus is like a plane runway – it takes everything from a sharp speed, subdues it before allowing the speed to pick up and take off. Perfect collaboration!

Get the complimentary song ‘Kupanda Na Kushuka’ right HERE on Mdundo and get to know the hip hop side of Bongo music.


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