EXCLUSIVE: You Won't Believe Which Two Former BBA Contestants Are Working Together!


You have a crown? He rules over an empire. Others claw each other over the throne, he is sitted comfortable 33,000 feet above. The jewelry on his neck and wrists would make the sun sweat. Yes! By now he needs no introduction but for the sake of the ones who might suffer from selective amnesia, Jackson Ngechu Makini aka Prezzo is who I’m talking about.

The King Of bling, might just be serving you a full coarse music meal soon as per what he shared via social media: “Studio session @fezakessy new sh*t coming soon. We don’t sleep coz sleeping is the cousin of death #TMTAfrica  #Rapcellency #TrulyUnruly #RedRepublic”

Image Courtesy Of Prezzo

Unfortunately, he didn’t reveal the name of the song, but with tags such as the former BBA contestant on the vocals and his ‘rapcellency’ on rap, surely, can anything go wrong?

The Tanzanian nightingale Feza, also recently released her long anticipated video, ‘Papa’ which was shot in South Africa. Watch it in the link below and perhaps get a tip of what both parties have to offer as we try and imagine what the upcoming collaboration might look like. 



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