MdundoTwitterview with Dj Pius


By Ian Jacob

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Good afternoon @DeejayPius !!! Welcome to Mdundotwitterview

What is the meaning of #Ubushyuhe and what inspired this song?
A house party scenario. During the lockdown the only way that people had a good time was doing house parties. No AC, no Fans lol.. Basically the house would be like an oven. #Ubushyuhe means hot.

Now to the hot #Ubushyuhe Remix FireFire How did the remix come about with Rosa Ree, Apass and Marina Deborah???
They both liked the song and I rate them as among the best in EAC. The problem was Covid had us on Lockdown, so we had to come up with a plan to record, shoot a video, and promote even though we were apart. It's what the record needed, top talented artists but connected through art

How has 2020 been for you musically in a nutshell?
It has been ok so far, can't say that there has been much going on. But I managed to work on a lot of music. Mostly in the studio.

Will there be another #Ubushyuhe Remix featuring Kenyan artists soon? @DeejayPius #MdundoTwitterview
I don't think so, but there are future projects I'd love to do with Kaligraph and Femi One plus many others

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