Rose Muhando Biography, Music Career, Awards, Family and Net Worth

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By Paul A.

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How Old and Where is Rose Muhando from? 

Artist as Singer-Songwriter: Rose Muhando

Name: Rose Muhando

Date of Birth: January 1976 (44 Years Old)

Genre: Bongo gospel 

Net worth: unknown 

Rose Muhando was born 44 years ago in Morogoro, where she also grew up. 

How did Rose Muhando begin his music career?

Rose Muhando began her career at a tender age, singing at churches. She went professional 

in the early 2000s. During this period, her music was well received, considering that she was among the few new school gospel musicians back then. She quickly became a hit across East Africa.

In 2004 she made headlines with her hit single ‘Uwe Macho.’ Her star continued shining following the release. She released one hit after the other until around 2016, when she slowed down on music production. Before her break from production, Muhando signed a multi-album recording deal with Sony Music. The signing was the first deal of its kind for East Africa.

Some of her popular songs include; Kiatu Kivue, Ni Bebe, Nkaza Mwendo, Shujaa was Msalaba, Wololo, Pendo La Yesu, Nipe Uvumilivu, among others. For the over ten years she has been in the industry, Muhando has produced several albums, including; Uwe Macho, Jipange Sawa Sawa, Utamu wa Yesu, Tazama Mungu Anacheka, among others.

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Signings and Labels

  • Sony Music
  • Zeze Africa
  • Spice Digital 
  • Afrtz Limited

Rose Muhando Awards and Nominations

  • Tanzania Music Awards
  • TBC
  • Groove Awards 

Why did Rose Muhando perform an abortion?

In 2015, Rose Muhando underwent an abortion after suffering from a strange illness that forced her to abort her unborn baby. Despite critics regarding abortion, it emerged that it was legal. 

Is Rose Muhando Married?

She is a mother of three. Her children are all grownups. However, she is currently not married, and details of her ex-husband are not available.

Questions you asked….

  1. Where is Rose Muhando? After slowing down on music production, Rose Muhando’s life has been shrouded in controversy. She allegedly suffered demon attacks, drug addiction, and fraud.
  2. Is Rose Muhando residing in Kenya? Yes. She fled Tanzania after receiving death threats from unidentified individuals.
  3. Was Rose Muhando once a Muslim? Yes. Rose Muhando was born and raised in an Islam family. However, she converted to Christianity after allegedly seeing Jesus in a vision. 
  4. What happened between Rose Muhando and Pastor Ng’ang’ a?  In 2018, a video emerged online showing demons being exorcised from a lady named Rose Muhando. No further information has been made public regarding the incident. 


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