TIMELESS TREASURES: Music Groups That Rocked The 00's

Today is that day that ushers in the weekend. That day that feels like the 24th of December. That day you enjoy doing work for the simple reason that it’s going to be a sunny day come tomorrow. It is Thursday!

And today on our Throwback Thursday segment we look at music groups from back in the day that catalyzed the genesis of Kenyan music by making Kenyan anthems that become everyone’s favorite for a millennia. So join me on this trip down the invisible memory strings as we trace which groups made those times a golden age:


Probably one of the biggest groups to come out East Africa, in terms of winning Kenyan’s favour, they went on to give us countless hits with ‘Tuendelee’  being one of their most successful singles


Deux Vultures

The hip hop and pop music duo consisiting of Colonel Mustafa and Nasty Thomas ruled the airwaves with hits such as ‘Monalisa’ and ‘Kinyaunyau’. This is just to name but a few, more followed with time.



The Hip hop and Soukous blood brother dyad, Christian and Lovy Longomba, wooed Kenyans with their hearty songs, “Dondosa”, "Piga Makofi", "Shika More" and "Vuta Pumz" being some of their best works.



The Kapuka duo of French Boy and Swaleh, might have been one of the biggest contributor to making Kapuka a household sound. And “Hey DJ” was the song that the whole world came to know them by.


GidiGidi MajiMaji

Its two members are Maji Maji (Julius Owino) and Gidi Gidi (Joseph Oyoo). Their lyrics are mostly in Luo language, with some English and Swahili traces, they were responsible for ‘Atoti’ and the world famous, ‘Unbwogable’.


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