A Pass Educates Ugandan Musicians on Importance of Embracing Digital Platforms

[Photo Credit: A Pass Instagram]

By Gloria

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Renowned Ugandan artiste A Pass has encouraged musicians in the country to consider exploring alternative sources of income rather than relying solely on music shows and concerts.

Speaking during a recent interview, A Pass noted that with the changing trends across the world, it is difficult for artists to survive on income from performances, adding that musicians should take advantage of digital platforms and sell their music there.

"…They are very one dimensional and not creative. You should look at other avenues that pay within your music. Make sure your music is on iTunes,” he said.

Most local Ugandan artists have not embraced selling their music on digital platforms and A Pass blames this on the fact that they prefer doing shows than investing their music in long term avenues.

According to A Pass digital platforms generate little income but that is better than nothing at all.

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"Digital platforms should be a good market for them and a platform they should respect. It may not pay the most money but you should try and collect these pennies. You are better than those that are not earning from anything," he said.

 A Pass has made sure he uses every platform to educate fellow artists about investing in digital platforms and hopes they take up his advice.

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