Rekless Features Mejja in New Video ‘Sota’

[Photo Credit:Ghafla]

By Lydia M Joshua

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Renowned Kenyan artist Rekless of the Ethic music group has dropped a new single dubbed ‘Sota’ featuring Mejja.

In ‘Sota’, Rekless teamed up with Mejja to deliver catchy lyrics with DJ Shiti as the main cast.

‘Sota’ highlights how people showcase a fake life especially on social media platforms while straining because they live beyond their means.

DJ Shiti delivers visuals merging perfectly with the lyrics as he poses on a green screen and edits the photos to look like he is on vacation by the beach.

“Ni funny unadhani una chapaa, kusota si dhambi acha kukataa,” Rekless raps in the opening verse of the song.

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The audio was produced by renowned producer Mavo on the beat. On the other hand, the video was produced by Frinant Pictures and directed by Director Andere. Overall House of Badass was the executive producer.

Announcing its premier on YouTube, Rekless took to Instagram to share the message with his fans, captioning some of the lyrics from ‘Sota’.

“Streaming live on YouTube go check it out…Unadai una chopper na hauna ata bike, sota still bangin heavily pale YouTube,” he said.

Mejja also posted a similar caption under a snippet of the ‘Sota video on his Instagram page.

‘Sota’ is doing well on YouTube. It has already amassed over 96,000 views in the first 12 hours.

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