Harmonize Reacts to Termination of Ibraah's YouTube Account

[Photo Credit: The Star]

By Paul A.

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Tanzanian singer Harmonize has addressed the termination of Ibraah's YouTube account. The account was terminated last week over unspecified reasons.

Through his Instagram account, Harmonize stated that he understands Ibraah's frustrations but assured him he was working to restore it. At the same time Harmonize stated that he was proud of Ibraah despite the circumstances.

"Keep being Stronger Bro Najua Nikiasi Gani Swala La YOUTUBE Channel Yako Linakuumiza Ila Trust me Ndio Njia Umepangiwa Kupita Soon it will be Back and Mawe Yataporomoka ..!!!! YOU MAKE ME SO PROUD," said Harmonize.

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Harmonize made the remarks in line with Chinga Day celebration held on Saturday.

Following the termination of the account, Ibraah's management has not come out to explain the main reason behind the move by YouTube.

However for YouTube to deactivate his account, it means that Ibraah must have been warned before hand. Notably, YouTube usually issues three strike notices upon violation of laid down policies.

Elsewhere, Harmonize has also suffered several copyright infringement claims from YouTube.

The singer has seen some of his projects deleted from the platform. However, he managed to petition YouTube and the songs were restored.

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