Rex Omar Says All Ghanaians Will Die If Highlife Dies

[Photo Credit: Rex Omar Twitter]

By Naliaka Kitui

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Highly talented highlife musician Rex Omar has urged Ghanaians highlife artiste to up their music, since death of highlife music, would kill all Ghanaians.
He revealed this in an interview with NYDJ on Y Kumasi’s Ryse N Shyne, where the Ghanaian famous artiste expressed his conviction in these words: “Highlife can never die. The day highlife will die, all Ghanaians will die”. He assuredly said that the highlife of Ghanaians genre is eternal.”
According to his view, the love of highlife music is an essential quality of Ghanaians that is hard to be done away with. “That is why if you do your research, you will realize that most of the major hit songs have at least 80% highlife in them”, he added.
However, the legend highlife artiste Rex Omar’s problem was that the Ghanaians did not treasure the genre until other countries took and rebranded it.
“If we have highlife deeply rooted, we have to link it to all our traditional rhythms which we haven’t done. That is why a Nigerian can come and be making money out of it and Ghanaians are now mimicking Nigerians. Isn’t it sad?
People don’t know that Afro beats that was created by Fela Kuti came out of highlife. Fela used to live in Ghana and he came to study our highlife. He created his own Afro beats out of our highlife. It has always been like that so Ghana we always don’t like what we have. We always want something from outside even if it was stolen from us”, he stated.

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