Beyond the Music; What Sol Generation to Keep Their Artists Visible at a Time of Corona

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by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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The boys of Sol Generation like having a good time and evidently do so. Months after releasing their album, Sauti Sol and the Sol Generation management have been working really hard to make sure that Sauti Sol and their signees stay in people’s faces for all these seven months.

To begin with, Sauti Sol could not go on tour after the release of their highly acclaimed album ‘Midnight Train’. Their shows were cancelled and they had to get creative on how to release their album and to make sure that people had it on rotation for a while. Sol Generation hosted an unforgettable night with their ‘Midnight Train’ virtual album launch; every single thing about the launch was put together with great precision. Sauti Sol have been uploading live and acoustic performances of the singles on the album on their YouTube channel.

The Sol Generation signees; Bensoul and Nviiri; have also not been left behind. Bensoul released his Qwarantunes EP in May and all the singles from the EP have been doing really well. On the other hand, Nviiri has been giving us some of his best music yet during this period.

Sol Generation have a popular TV program that is currently airing on Maisha Magic East. This has been great to let us in on what Sol Generation is about, their work, every powerhouse behind this brand and a lot more about Sol Generation.

In addition, the Sol Generation team has been running different mini-series on their YouTube featuring different artists. At the moment, Bensoul is continuing with his very popular ‘Munchies Monday’ series and Savara has joined the band wagon with his ‘Iweje? With Savara’ series.

People can’t obviously wait for everyone at Sol Generation to go out on tour but in the meantime, everyone must be enjoying the much airplay and screen time from the crew.

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