Throw Back Thursday: All Time Best Zilizopendwa Playlist

Once a week, Mdundo gives you the opportunity to Quantum jump and time travel to a time in space where you get to re-live the greatest nostalgic Kenyan music. We call the event ‘Throw Back Thursday’ and everyone/anyone  willing is invited!

For today we go a bit deeper in time to a moment when the industry was ruled by ‘Zilizopendwa’ which basically were the building blocks of Kenyan music; songs filled with messages, authenticity and acoustic prowess. Below is a playlist of the most popular songs then. Buckle up as we reverse the sands of time:

Malaika - Fadhili Williams

Sina Makosa - Les Wanyika

Show Me The Way – Papa Wemba

Dot Com Lady – Abedi (Wayanza Mang’ondo)

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