Top 5 Hottest Zambian Videos Released in September

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By Kinyua Mwangi

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Visuals are a great way to make an impression and also expand your fan base. There is no music without the video and many will agree.

While the evolution of music videos has left a trail of remarkable progress, Zambian musicians are taking no chances; they have done so great in their music videos.

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For September, Ray Dee x Kas B ‘Ifibyongomena’ hit was ranked the top music video in Zambia.

Here are 5 top Zambian videos in September:

Ifibyongomena - Ray Dee x Kas B

The dancehall jam has been well produced, and the video is scenic. It showcases Zambian real-state sector with boastsof superb houses. Besides, the dancers are on a whole new level.

Pilato – Economics Yamu Kaboba

Economics Yamu Kaboba was released in early September and has managed to secure the second position in YouTube’s tops music videos for September. Pilato, a great rapper centers his video on the day to day hustles which he uses to teach a lesson to his colleagues who are pursuing economics in college.

Celebrate - Dj Rhys Ft. BowChase, Koby, Elisha Long,  Jorzi and Brawen

Released a week ago, this music video featuring a host of artistes is incredibly resounding. Dj Rhys does magic while BowChase starts it off with the great rap which you will fall in love. It truly deserves the 3rd position.

Mood Yaku Kolwa - Y Celeb and Don Kapandula

In Zambia, when you mention Y Celeb, the first thing that comes to mind is his amazing videos. Y Celeb has a reputation of investing in videos and he did not disappoint in this one.

Muletupepelako - Dizmo Ft. Jae Cash and Jemax

Zambian rapper Dizmo decided to change his setting and shot this great musical piece in the church featuring Jae Cash and Jemax who bring a great liking for the video.

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