HIT REVIEW: Dabotap, The Melody In Most Kenyans Ears


Although often dismissed as a fanciful swashbuckling adventure story, the Three Musketeers is a profound statement of human character and social evolution, depicting four individuals who through their energy, courage, resourcefulness, personal values and loyalty to one another are able to influence the course of events at the national and international level. Here in Kenya I like to believe we have our own Three Musketeers: The Kansoul who ‘Dabotapped’ into everyone’s favorites’ playlist.

Image Courtesy Of The Kansoul

And as much as people have been dancing crazy and singing along to each and every word of this song, they have equally been talking, and here’s what they had to say:

“Oh my Lord! Someone plase call the police! I love this song to no known ends [singing]
Ilianza kwenye studio #Dabotap  Ikaenda kwa audio #Dabotap  Wakaeka video kwa Youtube for likes #Dabotap ....alafu mi nikalike #Dabotap” expressed one ecstatic fan

Mejja is one artist I would like to sit have over at my place on a Monday; his humor would make everything less ‘Monday’! This song would have any cripple dancing and any mute person laughing outloud. I love the way the video quality is above the bar despite the fact the concept is very simple. That’s professionalism” added another

“Is it just me or are the ladies in this video hotter than the sun’s surface!? The lyricism is off the hook too… as much as the chorus is simple it’s very catchy and this is the trick to making a hit! Dabotap, me an-like!” briefly described another

People are different and so are their opinions. Here is one music enthusiast who wasn’t impressed, “The Kenyan music industry is full of nothing but shenanigans! Forgibve but it’s true! No message, useless lyrics only the beat did any good. I hope instagram paid them for the advertising because that's the only good job that that was done ”

Have you watched the video? Make sure you do and feel free to lay your thoughts on the comment box below.

Love Mdundo?  Dabotap!

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