NEW MUSIC: This Is More Than Just A Song, It's A Prayer

“God’s time is the best” my mother would always tell me. It took me a while to fully grasp the meaning of those words but once I did my perception of life completely changed.

This is the same message male gospel singer and ‘Mwanake’ hitmaker Benachi, is spreading through his new song, ‘Nitembelee’. The accomplished singer lays down flawless vocals on this music piece as always and he was happy to spell out exactly what inspired the song.

Image Courtesy Of Benachi

“This is a prayer song which I lifted from the Bible. There is a story about a blind guy when Jesus was walking through Jericho. He always wanted to see Jesus but other people wouldn’t let him. But finally Jesus told the people to let him pass. There is also Sarah who had hardships with birth, but finally God visited her. So as much as you go through hardships, the Lord will always comes through” he explained calmly.

“The song was done by Busy Bee and the video is by Tigerfrom Mind vision. I hope to inspire someone who is on the verge of giving up in their life” he added.

Gospel music is a genre that transfers positive energy to its audience, a necessary energy we all need. Reason why I think it’s the most successful genre in Kenya. Listen to Benachi’s ‘Nitembelee’ and feel inspired!

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