Diego Daxy Releases New Video for ‘Kuti Nasala Iwe’ Single

[Photo Credit: Zambian Music Dotnet]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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The entertainment industry is full of musical intrigues as artistes try to outdo each other in the best way they know how.

Often, this never ends well and is the case for Zambia’s fast rising rapper David Muyenga alias Diego Daxy who recently released a song that he spend millions of US dollars on but was to never come out.

In 2017, Diego, a hip hop and Afrobeat artiste released an audio of his song titled Kuti Nasala iwe that features Macky2 and music producer Kekero which ended up costing him a whopping $500 US Dollars. Why? One would ask but the truth is, this is the amount Kekero and Macky2 asked for to feature in the video.

A determined Diego did as asked but no sooner had the audio been released than the two feature celebrities backed out of the deal asking for more money, something that got Diego angry and frustrated.

Unbowed, Diego took his time and two years later, he released the new video for the song, of course featuring new faces and not the two who demanded for more money after making the first deal.

Diego, now 25, developed his love for music at a tender age of 7. He would often entertain his peers in school. His star started shining in 2011 when he did his first song in praise of politician Stephen Masumbwa who was vying for a parliamentary seat. Since then, he has become a household name in Zambia.



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