Chameleone Vows to Fight for Enactment of Copyright Law if Elected Mayor

[Photo Credit/Jose Chameleone Instagram]

By Gloria

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Legendary Uganda artiste Jose Chameleone; who is contesting for the Kampala Mayoral post come 2021 has launched his manifesto and among the things he has promised to work on one elected is fighting for enactment of the copyright law.

Ugandan artistes have for long struggled with parties who plagiarize their work, forcing a number of artistes to seek legal redress in a bid to protect their creations.

The Leone Island boss while speaking to his fellow artistes asked for their support, making this his first priority once he is entrusted with power.

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"Our job as artistes has been demeaned so much. We have cried for the copyright law for so many years but the government has relaxed a lot about it. So when I expressed my interest in running for mayor, I wanted to represent us but people criticized artistes like we are not human or less of citizens," he said, also hailing Bobi Wine for representing the artistes in places of power.

According to URSB, Copyright is the right given by law to the creators of literary, dramatic, musical and a variety of other works of mind and the Copyright and Neighbouring Right Act, 2006 gives the creator of a work such as music, film or movie an exclusive right to use that work to the exclusion of others.

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