Okyeame Kwame Gives Reasons behind His Remaining Relevant in the Music Industry

Photo: Okyeame Kwame twitter 

By Naliaka Kitui

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Ghanaian rapper Kwame Nsiah-Apau also known by his professional name as Okyeame Kwame and nickname ‘Rap Doctor’ has said that he has been able to remain relevant in the music industry even after doing professional music for twenty-three (23) years because ‘he was destined to be.”

Nonetheless, the legendary rapper told TV XYZ in an interview that he has worked very hard to achieve the success he has now and he goes on to shine in the Ghanaian Music industry.

"I think that's how God made my destiny, but, as you already know, prayers without work don’t work. He says show me your works and I will show you my faith. So, it’s wish and will that is how God made it, but as human being I also take steps," he said.

Okyeame Kwame, who won VGMA21’s Record of the Year award, recently added that his talent has played a central role in his remaining relevant in his career.

"But in all, apart from God, I'm also a talented as a rapper. Talent's definition is develop interest. I still have interest like when I was five years old. I have interest and develop interest, so at a point after my secondary school around '80s I went to a certain gentleman called, Lord Marcus to teach me songwriting. He taught me but before he'd teach me, everyday he made me read one story book," He said.

He added: "While reading the books he asked me to underline the metaphors, similes and oxymorons I come across. After every four days he cross-checks them to see I did it right. This widened my knowledge."

The 'Small Small' rapper concluded by saying that he has a very strong management team that also works tirelessly to ensure that his brand remains relevant and his music career continues to grow.

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