Mdundo Artist Support Offers Rising Artists Free Songwriting Classes

By Olave Orawo

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Mdundo is running free songwriting classes for five top rising star artists. The online classes taught by singer songwriter Brandy Maina, marks the closure of the Songwriting theme for the month of July.

The song writing classes include different course work, assignments, exams and certification after completion.

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Artists were called to participate via the weekly Mdundo Artists newsletter. They were required to answer a set of questions correctly and in the shortest time possible. The top 5 artists were singled out by the set Qualification Guidelines which were;

- Answer correctly to the questions asked.

- Fast response

- Must be on Mdundo ( Link is required)

- Must have downloads on Mdundo account.

- Must commit to the allocated time and complete the course

- Must have good internet connection and device (Computer, tablet, smart phone)

Songwriting has often been overlooked yet lyrics serve a key role in every song. In the digital age of viral videos, most artists desperately hope onto current trending phrases and/or topics to chase traffic or stay relevant. Intellectual writing skills are bound to make timeless music which should be the goal. This in mind, Mdundo Artist Support dedicated a month to songwriting and offered 5 top candidates, the opportunity to learn from a renowned Kenyan song writer.

Mdundo Artist support, has a music related theme every month with the intention to guide and equip rising artists with skill and hacks to perfect their art. Musicians looking to grow have access to a wide range of articles, marketing tools and resource opportunities.

2019 saw Mdundo put up the site MDUNDOFORARTISTS.COM specifically dedicated to music content creators. Here artists can easily navigate and learn different aspects of music as an art and as a business.

Mdundo Artist Support Manager, Christine Kiplagat emphasized, ‘We understand the investment that goes into creating good music and targeting the correct audience, while still feeling fulfilled as an artist. We hope to see music pay bills for musicians, so we at Mdundo try to the best of our ability to provide support for our rising artists to achieve the same.’

Despite the global pandemic that disrupted normal operations, switching all activities to digital platforms took place relatively fast. The directive to work from home rudely interrupted the artist support project for March 2020; Free Photo-Shoot for rising artists under the theme Visual Branding.

As the whole world hopes for normalcy to return, Mdundo continues to work closely with budding musicians taking advantage of the digital space in its entirety.

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