Why Pre-recorded Live Shows are Working Better than Fully-Live Shows

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

We have been watching a lot of live concerts but it is becoming more apparent that most of the shows have been pre-recorded but we are not mad about these shows. Juliani is one of the only artists who gave us a live-live show. Today we look at just how hard it might be to pull a fully-live show.

As an artist you want your fans to enjoy your performance and go through it without hitches and you probably want to take us through back stories through the performance for a possible costume change. All these are experiences fans live for.

With a fully-live show, it might be hard to pull all these things off. This is not to say that it is not possible, we have seen Kidum and the band do that and even during tours, we have seen many artists do that . However, with the internet live shows, the scale is higher with limited time on Instagram and the need to still deliver a great show.

The pre-recorded live concerts have been serving us great and we cannot deny that in retrospect, these shows are still live. It is just that they first go through editing and so they flow and they give room for other side-shows (cue the amazing Sauti Sol album launch).

Also, in the context of award shows, pre-recorded performances have been essential to ensure that the show-running time is well-kept within reasonable time for networks and the audience.

It shouldn’t be an issue of hatery banter that a live show was pre-recorded because in any case, we have been loving these shows and they are great for the time slots on the interwebs. Essentially, pre-recorded live concerts make more sense for artists and definitely their audience.


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