Sherifa Gunu Joins Politics With Peace Campaign

[Photo Credit: GhanWeb]

By Naliaka Kitui

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Highly celebrated Ghanaian Soul artiste Sherifa Gunu has joined Ghana’s national politics with the aim of spreading peace ahead of the December 7th, 2020 national elections.

The ‘regular’ hitmaker pointed out that it is important for the county’s creative art personalities to use peace campaigns to promote governance, democracy and development in the country. Sherifa Gunu believes that it is crucial for the country to safeguard the democratic credentials earned in the past years.

“Our democracy is still fragile. We need to jealously protect it in order to continue to enhance and promote good governance in the country,” she said

According to the multi talented artiste, many African countries that she has visited celebrate Ghana for its democratic achievement in the past two decades. For this reason, she urges all the Ghanaian citizens to rise up and join in her campaign to promote peace and to put an end to any activities that may jeopardize the country’s peace and democracy that is currently being enjoyed by Ghanaians.

“We should not limit governance to only politicians and civil society organizations. Although they are part and parcel, they cannot be described as the only stakeholders. Those in creative arts, education, health, safety, trade, business, agriculture among others are also required as citizens to play their part.” She said.

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