Octopizzo Drops Highly Anticipated Video For His Single Dubbed 'Nikupate'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Octopizzo has been keeping his fans waiting for his new single which is finally out. Octopizzo has finally dropped his new video and single dubbed ‘Nikupate’.

‘Nikupate’ is a feel good single and Octopizzo is serving us with some pure vibes; it is clear that Octo had fun making this song because of the delivery, the lyrical flow and arrangement and the bars he is dropping on there.

‘Nikupate’ is set on a stripped reggaeton beat backed with some calypso horns. This is very experimental for Octopizzo but he completely bodies this beat. He also plays with flow from time to time and most interesting is his entry into the chorus where he switches up to get in a Patwa-intoned line which sets the bar for the catchy chorus.

The video is set in Kibera and executed by the Kibera Contemporary Dance Art crew. Octopizzo continues to step out of his comfort zone with this video by letting the dance crew carry the full video in full flare and colour. The Ondivoh Cinematography directed video sews stories together between the three dancers and their master. Octopizzo does not appear in the video but the dance crew does an excellent job.

Catch a feel good vibe with Octopizzo on ‘Nikupate’.


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