Omarion Realeases New Video Featuring The Dance Community For His Single 'Can You Hear Me?' Featuring T. Pain

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Omarion has been long known as the king of unbothered and he is putting it in song because he can. Omarion has a new single out dubbed ‘Can You Hear Me?’ which features T. Pain.

‘Can You Hear Me?’ is Omarion putting himself on because he is fly, talented and most importantly, unbothered. He sings about him being loud and letting his work do the loud talking for him. T. Pain goes all in tapping into Omarion’s energy.

The single is layered over a fast-paced beat that has a ‘horn’ bop to it. The instrumentation is quite busy and so even with their killer vocals, both Omarion and T. Pain barely layer their voices for harmonies.

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The official video with Omarion and T. Pain was not shot because of the pandemic. However, the Dance Community, led by FRANCOTH3ARTIST put together a video for the song. The video includes all the signature Omarion moves. The video also includes a couple of cameos by Omarion.

It is important to note that the intro and outro of the video are dedicated to the BLM movement in different capacities; the song being used to keep up the spirits of people and asking for the arrest of the cops who killed Breonna Taylor, respectively.

Catch a vibe with Omarion and T. Pain on ‘Can You Hear Me?’ and the Dance Community on the video.

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