Gravitty Omutujju Rallies Ugandan Musicians Against ‘Stage Plays and Public Entertainment Act’

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By Gloria

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The Ugandan entertainment industry has been a buzz ever since discussions around the Stage Plays and Public Entertainment Act were reignited.

The laws have been inactive for over 71 years but the government is looking at ways of enforcing them.

Over the past few weeks, a number of artistes have come out expressing their displeasure with the laws, with a number of artistes vowing to defy the laws once they take effect.

According to the new rules, all content must be submitted for auditing before it makes its way to the public.

Renowned Ugandan rapper Gravity Omutujju has also joined the bandwagon of artistes against the law, stating that he just can't wrap his head around the fact that he has to first take his music to be verified by people he believes are not at any point qualified to do any music.

"I can't imagine giving my lyrics to a fisherman to tell me what I'm supposed to sing about yet he can't even write a simple poem worse still think about anything to that direction. The people working in these offices have far different professions different from music," he said.

"They want to stop creative minds from making people see what is really happening in the real life," he added.

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Gravity noted that if all musicians stand together and defy the rules, they stand no chance of being fully implemented.

"The rules can't stand unless there are slow musicians who will carry their lyrics to be audited. If we do this, radios will not have music being played on radio and they will also feel this," he opined.

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