Crysto Panda Warns Politicians Against Using His Viral Hit 'Kyoyina Omanya' Without Consent

[Photo Credit/Crysto Panda Instagram]

By Gloria

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Celebrated Ugandan musician Crysto Panda has dropped a new jam dubbed 'Kyoyina Omanya' and it arguably one of the biggest songs this year due to its appeal among Ugandans.

As elections are fast approaching, politicians are known for jumping onto trending songs to help with their campaigns, but Crysto Panda has vowed to battle it out with anyone who dares to do so with his hit song.

The media presenter issued this strong warning during an interview on national television, also revealing that the lyrics are copyrighted and he is willing to drag anyone who defies his warning to court.

"Dear politicians I warn you, please use my song “Kyoyina Omanya” for rallies when you know the lyrics are copyrighted so when I sue you don’t say I didn’t warn you all," Crysto Panda said.

"If a politician wants to use my song to lead their campaign, they should pay me because that is my song," he added.

So far, no politician has used the song for campaigns, but Crysto Panda feels it is important for him to issue the warning before anyone comes up with the idea.

"I'm at a point where my song is trending and I want to milk money out of it but it will depend on who that person is and how they will approach me about it,” he said.

He stressed that he is not affiliated to any political party, adding that any politician is free to approach him and make a formal request for using the song.

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